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As well as monetary donations, the Animal Shelter of Martha’s Vineyard also needs additional items. If you would like to donate an item which appears on this list, please contact us for further information and for donation details. The Animal Shelter of Martha’s Vineyard is a 501(c) corporation, and donations are tax-deductable to the extent allowed by the Internal Revenue Service.

• Spaying / Neutering for one animal
• Medical care for one animal
• Vaccinations for one animal

• Siding - cedar shingles (materials & labor)
• Exterior Painting
• Interior Painting
• Monthly electric bill
• New outdoor storage shed

• Printer Ink Carteridge
• Paper Shredder
• Paper (printer/copier)
• Adjustable Chair with wheels
• 4 Drawer File Cabinet

• 2 Drawer File Cabinet
• Pens
• Post-it Notes

• New Vacuum cleaner
• Power Washer

• Weekly supply of litter
• Weekly supply of cat food, dog food
• Weekly cleaning supplies
• Bleach
• Arm & Hammer cat litter deodorant
• Friskies indoor cat food
• Premium dog food
• Dishwashing liquid
• Febreeze
• Liquid hand soap
• Heavy duty garbage bags (50 gallon)
• Kitty litter (not clumping)
• Laundry detergent


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