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Find forever homes for animals of Martha’s Vineyard

During business hours, pet owners can surrender animals at no cost. A behavioral assessment is always done beforeadmittance, to ensure an animal can be safely adopted, and does not pose any physical or medical hazards. The Shelterwill get all surrendered animals “up to date” medically – vaccinations, spay/neuter, provide flea and worming treatments, ID chip insertion. In addition, any medical conditions are evaluated for appropriate action. Our primary functionis to always keep our guests fed and happy until they are adopted. When the admission process is completed, we thenbegin to interview prospective adoption applicants.

Assist with re-homing adoptions

When requested, an animal can remain in its home until adopted. We will perform the same shelter entry assessment toensure the pet is safe and adoptable, and then we refer potential adopters to the pet’s owner. This type of adoption limits the trauma sometimes experienced by pets during adoption.

Provide animal cages

Vacationers or locals can borrow or buy a cage or carrier, usually a small donation is made. At the request of MV DART, we keep approximately 50 cages/carriers in surplus for emergencies.

Dog Training

While dogs are at the shelter, training is implemented whenever necessary. When a dog is adopted, the new owner gets one free training session courtesy of Tom Shelby and Jeremy Jones.

Nail Clinics

$15. Dog friendly. No cats please. Courtesy of Dog Gone Pretty.

Educational Seminars, Community Service and Volunteering

We have provided seminars, i.e.: “communicating with your pet” and are hoping to have a grooming class. All the Island schools, Community Services and Elderly Services bring various groups to the Shelter on a regular basis. Socializing animals is beneficial for both pets and people. When kids come in to volunteer and ask questions, often we will send them home with a research assignment, and they come back with a short essay. We provide various student volunteer opportunities;many island students get community service hours at the shelter. Community service hours are also available in court related issues, as long as the offense isn’t related to violence or theft.


Animal Control

We offer all of our services to the Island’s Animal Control Officers on a regular basis. If we are asked for help, we give them as much help as we possibly can. Our shelter is not an emergency facility. However, we receive many emergency calls, and many times vacationers and Vineyarders dealing with pet emergencies will call us first. We can usually assist them in getting, or directing them, to the help they need in an expedient fashion.

Lost and Found

We get many calls about lost and found animals. We keep a written log, advise them to call their town’s ACO and actively use social media to advertise/ collect data for these lost pets.

Annual Rabies Clinic

Usually the first Saturday of April, the clinic is open to all Island residents and takes place at the Shelter and WT fire station. Participants get vaccinated and a quick once over from the vets. It is also an opportunity for Island ACO’s to enforce licensing issues.


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