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APRIL 2020

Mac was an abandoned cat in Edgartown. He ended up in a Katama barn with other cats who where also abandoned and presumably; family. With the help of concerned citizens as well as Dr. Young Buck, the Edgartown Animal Control Officer, all of the cats were trapped and brought to our Shelter. Most of these cats were younger and friendly, so we had little problem finding them all homes. However, Mac was quite shy and not very social. We worked with him every day to some purrs and drooling, but not a great deal of improvement. He was not happy about his confinement. We got a call from a local farmer on the Cape who needed a barn cat. Once the application process was satisfied, Mack was adopted and began his new life in his new home. He is very happy and has made friends with his new family!! he has become a warmer, friendlier cat as a result of his new surroundings and we could not be happier!

Fat Mack Daddy.jpg



APRIL 2020

Tawny is yet another animal that was abandoned by her owner and found by the Edgartown Animal Control Officer. The day she arrived at our shelter was a wonderful day! Tawny is quite simply one of the coolest animals to ever stay at our shelter. More like a cat, she would follow us around, jump up on furniture so she could inspect the contents of our pockets. She is littler box trained, so we left he cage open and gave her the chance to stretch her legs in the hallway. She enjoys interacting with people and is very good at finding her litterbox whenever she needs it. We are so happy that she found her forever home!

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